EquityLine Capital Limited Partnership

One of Canada’s leading underwriters of mortgage investment corporation (MIC) financing.

We aim to provide investors with steady high yielding monthly dividends based on our strong track record—not a single distribution has been missed even in 2021 and 2022, and not having suffered a single default.

Here’s why we believe you should complete your investment:

A scheduled annual return of 7.5% (with potential upside).

EquityLine plans to pay investors a 7.5% annual return, delivered monthly. Other companies often target certain returns—EquityLine has consistently delivered.

Risk management that’ll help you sleep at night.

Our mortgages are short-term—usually eight months (and rarely more than twelve). We believe that these short-term mortgages with contracted fixed terms, as well as our careful screening process, will continue to mitigate risk. To date, zero missed distributions, zero defaults.

This is because Canadian mortgage payments are inherently more stable than those in the US or rent payments—homeowners may lose ownership of their homes if they default on their loans. Renters, by contrast, only lose their security deposits.

A company you can rely on.

To date, none of EquityLine MIC’s portfolios has ever experienced a foreclosure. Further, we have been vetted by one of Canada’s Tier 1 Charter Banks, approving and investing alongside us.

Flexible redemption options.

If and when you want to exit, we offer flexible redemption options. If you redeem within one year, you’ll have access to 90% of your capital; within two years, 94%; within three years, 96%; and in all subsequent years, 100%—no penalties, few restrictions, and only a minor administration fee.

Low default risk.

Canadians are notoriously conservative when it comes to money, and tend to pay their mortgages on time. This year, for example, the Bank of Canada reported that only 0.18% of Canadian mortgages were in arrears—less than a quarter of the American rate.

The Canadian housing market is thriving, and new home sales are soaring. This adds to our confidence. Are you ready to take your portfolio to the next level by investing in our offering?